Board and Train at The BZ

Is your dog pulling on the leash, nipping, not obeying commands, not coming when called, etc.  Look into this program!   Your dog will be at my place for a home environment with real world distractions and at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic and partying and training at The BZ!  Your dog will learn to be a well behaved [...]

Birmingham AL – Is E-Collar training for you

Many people have the mindset that E-Collars are shocking your dog and are cruel. I am sure there have been people and trainers not using this collar correctly and that is not fair and humane to the dog. Used correctly, this collar is one of the most humane ways to train your dog.  The collar we use has a range from 1 [...]

Dog Training DVDs and Products

Below are links that The BZ recommends for education and products that we use. These are the DVDs that The Barking Zone recommends for more education!  These DVDs are: The Good Dog – Learn To Train The Good Dog Way – The Foundation Foundation Obedience Training (Ty Brown) – Raising The Perfect Puppy – Manner, [...]

Problem Solving Dog Training Workshop

Dog Training Workshop     Ladale and I are doing our third dog training workshop. It will be June 27 from 2-5pm!  This workshop will be about recall, impulse control, stay, leadership exercises, leash reactivity and more. We will have 5 working spots, 5 spectator spots and 2 rescue organization spots. What ever the behavior is we will [...]